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Welcome to FIEG

Franklin International Education Group (FIEG) is a professional overseas study company in both Taiwan and China, including Franklin Overseas Study Center, GV English Institute and Franklin Publisher, one of the leading abroad-studying publishers in the field, and Fong An Travel Agency (FAT) is in charge of tailor-made study tour for English young learners. We have, additionally, been managing and handling overseas relevant study arrangements since 2007. So far, we have been assisting thousands of students realize their dreams in school application work, such as high school exchange programs, language learning programs, college, graduate, doctoral and post-doctoral enrollment applications, along with certificate programs and professional courses. Located all over the world are those sessions and programs—Study in Asia, USA, Canada, UK, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Switzerland and other European countries. With our professional knowledge, know-how and sincerity, we can help you achieve better!!

Professional Overseas Educational Service

  1. Hold educational fair such as Study In Asia (for Singapore, Japan, and Hong Kong)
  2. Development of strategies for students to increase chances of acceptance
  3. Elitist schools counseling program: Top 100 schools in the world
  4. Provide step-by-step guidelines and a goal-oriented approach
  5. Help students accomplish admission and visa Documentation
  6. Activities Resume and Essay Assistance
  7. Assist students in providing more effective letters of recommendation
  8. Apply international professional license courses
  9. Provide planning of overseas short-term study programs
  10. Arrange international airplane ticket booking
  11. Apply International Students Identify Card (ISIC)

During the past academic year, FIEG connected bright brilliant students with outstanding undergraduate and graduate programs abroad in the following courses.
-The number of students sent to—language school programs: Approx. 100 students
-The number of students sent to—universities and colleges: Approx. 150 students
-The number of students sent to—secondary/ high school courses: Approx. 100 students

Where there is a will, there's a way!